Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ronde 3.0 Strava collaboration

We already shared a link to the course via Strava.  Now the kind folks at Strava have joined in to provide prizes for the fastest segment riders on April 15th.  We have 6 month premium membership rewards for the fastest male and female on the following segments:

  1. Railroad bed
  2. Lincoln (dirt) road
We were out there today to mark the start and finish of each of these segments, but we suggest you study them a bit in advance if you plan on going for it.  A word of caution about the railroad section.  In addition to a few road crossings, the areas where you'll cross over the tracks can be slick.  If you crash and burn, you won't get the Strava award, so be safe first, fast second.  Also, you'll have until Tuesday the 17th to get your data loaded to Strava and then we'll mail the rewards.

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