Monday, November 24, 2008


I managed to commute twice last week despite the freezing temperatures. This weekend's racing, although successful, was bone chilling. My toes took a long time to thaw out, going from numb, to painful, to tingly, to cold, to normal. Why do we make ourselves suffer through this agony? Sometimes I forget.

At least it's back above 30 for the ride home. It will be refreshing to commute without my winter coat tonight.

Monday, November 17, 2008

on my way

Here is a list of some of the things I saw while riding to work today:

- a crossing guard sitting comfortably in her brand new Cadillac Escalade while young children dart across a four lane road as if they are playing the old skool Frogger video game.

- a 9 year old child walking to school with a recently purchased cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee (could have been tea or hot chocolate I guess). I guess even 9 year olds need their caffeine to get moving in the morning.

- a full sized man on a tiny folding bike (with the saddle so low he looked like he was riding a BMX bike) with a huge suitcase sized backpack. I've seen this particular fellow 4 or 5 times now while commuting and I applaud his efforts but think he might want to try raising his seat.

- 10-12 other bike commuters. It was a nice morning for a ride.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

putting my lights to good use

I commuted on the most direct route today. Although it is not as peaceful, it is 2-3 miles shorter and I think it was faster even with the major traffic intersections I had to go through. It was also hard to tell because I was commuting on the 'cross tires for the first time. 15 miles on knobby tires at 60psi is a lot less efficient.

Bring your lights and be ready to rumble tonight

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

not afraid of the dark

Monday was a great commute. I took the road racing bike with just enough supplies to keep me well lit for the night time ride home. I forgot how much faster a 17 lb carbon bike is than the 22 lb fender equipped steel commuter that I had been riding lately. The morning air was warm enough and the traffic was rather light as I zipped along my usual route to Waltham. When the work whistle blew at the end of my day I was initially tense about the ride home. It was 6pm and completely dark. With no other choice, I geared up, put on my highly visible white vest and rear blinking lights as well as my handlebar mounted light. My ride combines some unlit and lit side roads, some unlit busy roads, and some well lit city centers so I was switching between high beam and low beam on the NiteRider. The temp seemed a bit cooler than the morning ride but perhaps it was the lack of sun.

As I zipped through the darkest sections I was reassured by the high beam on the NiteRider. For a $150 light, it performs as well as I could expect. It is also exceptionally convenient because I rotate it from bike to bike on an almost daily basis. The 15 mile ride home in the dark was fast and enjoyable. For some reason the roads seemed a little quieter than usual which added to the enjoyment.

Friday, November 7, 2008

too early?

is it bad to leave at 4:30 on a friday if you've only been with the company for three weeks? i don't think so. i just want to be home by 6.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

feelin' down

Once or twice a year I get a cold. Sometimes it is just a stuffy nose and sore throat, sometimes it is a full system meltdown. This week I have the stuffy nose and sore throat but hopefully nothing more. I skipped out on 'cross practice in hopes of limiting the amount that I weaken my immune system. I'm sure glad I don't have to get on a plane anytime soon. Traveling with a head cold is the pits.

Seeing a sign like this in New England would sure cheer me up.