Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ronde 3.0 important details and waiver form

Important details for Sunday:

1. Show up with your waiver printed and signed in advance: waiver

2. Show up with $10 cash for entry fee
3. Show up with a helmet, multiple tubes, a mini tool, ID, money, and food
4. Parking is limited in the area so either carpool, or ride over.  You can leave a small bag securely at the Tavern if needed
5. First teams leave at 8:15.  All teams need to be at the Tavern by 8am to hear critical route instructions

I've ridden much of the southern half of the loop yesterday and today.  It is supremely dry and one could get by with a big (28+) commuting tire, though I still suggest cx tires.

The trails are marked with pink ribbon, the roads are spray painted with "R" and an arrow indicating turns.

I'm working on a cue sheet, but mileage will not be 100% so you'll want to rely on the route markings primarily.


DDYTDY said...

Awesome ride today! Thanks

Christy Z. said...

I found your blog from googling what all the pink ribbons around Dedham & Needham area. I see them on my commute home and then more on my long run this weekend out by Ridge hill res and Pine/Central Ave. I work/bike/live/run in the mile 5-20 section of your route. I am totally going to use your route for some more long runs. Thanks for planning it and for raising money & awareness for Bikes not bombs and for all the other events you do. Thanks!