Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This is how I ride...in FL

I've never seen anything like this place. The Villages, a "community" in Florida is overrun by golf carts. And we're not talking boring old white golf carts that do 10 mph. We're talking tricked out, $10,000 fashion statements with their own dedicated road network and bridges.

When I went for a run I could barely breath between all of the laughter. I saw people whipping through the area using arms extended out to indicate turns. I saw golf carts decorated with Florida Gators stickers and Auburn Tigers stickers. And for those who can't afford to pimp their rides, they take the vanity plate to a whole notha level with their auto vanity plates affixed to their un-pimped golf carts.

Other interesting facts about The Villages:
- must be 55 or older to be a resident
- no public schools or mayor
- highest concentration of STD's in Florida (I heard this one from my client who is a medical professional, but hopefully not part of the statistic...)

Now I wonder, does the guy with the most pimped out ride also carry the highest number of STD's??? Is there a linear relationship between the value of a man's golf cart and the number of STD's he is likely to carry?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

staying planted but seeing stars

I haven't been on the business travel routine for almost 4 weeks. I am starting to get spoiled by the luxuries of my own home. Today, instead of going to the office I ran some errands around town. Perhaps it was the sun in the sky or perhaps it is just what you see in the middle of the day when most people are in their office, but I saw all kinds of stars and stripes.

this kind

and this kind

but my favorite was this kind

Next week I head to Orlando for a quick two day trip. No biking, just running since it is a short trip.

Friday, March 14, 2008

getting closer, getting serious

Months of planning are getting closer to becoming reality. There are still so many things to do before I leave though. Connecting the route all the way to Boston is one of those things.