Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kingdom Trails

If you haven't been to Kingdom Trails, you need to go, ASAP. I was lucky enough to join a very experienced crew this past weekend that included Colin Reuter, Linnea Koons, Kate Harris (do all Canadians get a website with their name?), Sara Bresnick, Lyne Bessette, and Joe Cruz. Colin has multiple recaps of his tips there in case you want to know more. I just have a bunch of pictures and some really great memories.Nobody fucks with the Jeesuz!

Titanium Parking Only
Three bikes worth more than one car? Yup.
Rinsed and ready for Day 2.
I rode a little here, a little there...
Imparting her wisdom on us.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Reasons Why I like Mountain Biking

1. You don't have to share mtb trails with cars (definitely a plus in MA)
2. It is highly unlikely that you will be yelled at by fellow ride members
3. Bike handling skills are required
4. People don't spontaneously crash right in front of you. Oh wait, they probably do, but it's highly unlikely that you are going 25 mph and landing on pavement if you hit them
5. When you meet an amateur mountain biker at a group ride, they are nice to you and willing to ride with you. When you meet a road amateur at a group ride they just want to tear your legs off as quickly as possible
6. Mountain bikers are less curmudgeonly than road bikers
7. Your upper body might actually get a workout, reducing the typically anorexic look most roadies admire in themselves
8. You get cool engineering and technology with your $3,000 mtb
9. Most mountain bike crashes are funny

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This Just In!

From the promoters of the Accelerated Cure Cyclocross Series:

"The 2009 Accelerate Cure Project Cyclocross Series is now on Bikereg.

The series is now in it's 3rd year and has grown each year.
It started as a 2 race weekend in 2007, grew to a 3 race series
in 2008 and has grown again in 2009.
It is now a 4 race series. The series includes the following events:

1. Blunt Park - August 23rd
2. Palmer - August 29th (note new date)
3. Robinson Park - Sept 27th
4. Easthampton - Nov 22nd

Race Series Details: Top 15 finishers will earn points (15-1).
Higher individual placing in final event (Easthampton) will be used as a tie breaker.

Series Prize List for Cat 4, 35+, 45+ & 3/4:
$500 - 10 places for each category

Series prize list for Juniors, Women, 55+, 1/2/3:
$5 from every PRE-REGISTERED racer in thier field will be contributed towards
category’s series prize list paying 5 places.
Example: If women field has 15 pre-registered racers for each event (60 combined
pre-registered over all 4 races), the series prize list for the woman will be $300 ($5 x 60).

Please visit for details on the idividual events and the series."

It's not too early to be gluing tubulars, is it? Btw, if you need to glance at the
2009 schedule, take a look here. Thanks Tom!