Monday, April 16, 2012

Ronde 3.0 recap 1

Where to begin?  Thank you to everyone (135!) who took part in the third edition of the Ronde Rosey on Sunday.  The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and judging by the amount of smiles, beers, and burgers consumed at the finish, I'd say even those I didn't speak with had a good time and earned the finish line rewards.

I hope people also enjoyed some of the new trails we incorporated this year.  Given the mild winter, it's been really fun exploring and finding some previously unknown gems and we were happy to share them with everyone.

On to the thank you's
  1. Washington Square Tavern:  For the third straight year Gerry has opened his restaurant to us all.  Huge thanks to him and his staff for tolerating the chaos that we cyclists bring.
  2. Chip Baker and Matt Aumiller (he doesn't live on the internet, apparently):  These two helped scout and mark the course, drum up excitement, round up raffle items, and then crushed it with their teammates.  They were just as big a part of the preparation as I was and without them, this event does not happen.
  3. Cafe Fixe:  They were kind enough to donate the coffee to help everyone start off as caffeinated as possible.  Plus, the owner is in to bikes and a great starting point for various weekend group rides.  Thanks Fixe!
  4. Hammer Nutrition:  We reached out to Hammer to see if they'd donate some products for the event.  They went above and beyond, donating a ton of gels, Heed energy drink, and electrolyte tabs.  Hopefully every team was able to make use of their allotment.  Judging by the speeds, I'm pretty sure the gels helped keep people moving despite the heat.
  5. 47 brand:  Last year they invented the Ronde branding and made some sweet hats.  This year they raised the bar with new designs.  Bob and Ryan also made the awesome blue Zanconato hats that I've been proudly wearing/sharing the last few years.
  6. Lazer:  They came through with some great jerseys, a belt, shirts, hats, and glasses for the raffle.  Plus they protect my head every time I get on my bike.
  7. Ride Studio Cafe:  Coffee tastings, free coffee cards, race day tune ups, all kinds of good stuff from the folks in Lexington Center.
  8. MM Racing:  Matt and Mo are corner stones of NECX so it is always an honor to have them at the Ronde.  They showed up to race, no doubt about it, but they also brought great raffle items including a set of brand new Grifo tubular tires and a special edition Cat Eye wireless computer.
  9. Newbury Comics:  I didn't get to inspect the Newbury raffle bags, but judging from year's past, Roger's crew always adds great stuff.
  10. Derek Griggs:  Derek donated a really sweet Ortlieb backpack and some Ryder sunglasses.  Thanks Derek, but I wish I had won that bag!
  11. Mad Alchemy:  Pete makes the best stuff on the planet, bar none.  AND, he gives generously to NECX.  Thanks for the sparkle Pete!  Oh, and those socks, man I love those socks.
  12. Strava:  There are still prizes to be awarded thanks to the folks at Strava.  Make sure you get your ride info uploaded by Tuesday (4/17).  The fastest male and female riders on the railroad tracks and on the dirt Lincoln Road will win 6 month premium subscriptions.
  13. Firefly: Thanks for the sweet t-shirts and high end water bottles.  And, did anyone else notice the Di2 road/cx machine Jamie was riding?  So trick and probably perfect for the course on Sunday.
  14. Cyclocrossworld/Todd Prekaski:  I'm not so sure my mom loves cyclocross but the t-shirts from these guys were appreciated
So what does this all mean?  How about $2200 for Bikes Not Bombs!!!

Also, I'd really like to hear from all of you that took part.  Post your recaps, links to pictures, or links to your story in the comments.  How many flats did you have?  How many derailleurs did you lose?  How many wrong turns did you make?  What was your favorite part of the course?


20PoundSkull said...

Loved the Skyline Park section, never knew that existed in my own backyard. Not one flat tire on our entire team. only a couple wrong turns quickly corrected.

Nice job on the course selection. Fun day.

clockworkted said...

Great day! Thanks for everything!

Here is Stampede!'s recap.

mike said...

The best part (really) was ripping through the woods on cross bikes with 30 of my friends.

Thanks for making this happen.

JLS said...

Quote of the day, as we stopped briefly to figure out a turn and another team came through: "The satellite says left, but that shit's in space, so who knows?" Satellite was right. So was the ride. I don't think I'd change anything. Thanks for giving us a good reason to go play bikes.

KC said...

Best one yet - big ups to you, Chip and Aumiller. Threshold had two flats and no major mechanicals, got a little lost when we accidentally rode the Paint Mine section but other than that the gps and cue sheet worked like a charm.