Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ronde 3.0 critical details and more course info

First of all, thanks for the overwhelmingly positive reaction from so many of you.  The ride is officially full(er than I expected).  I'm looking forward to you all enjoying nearly 70 miles of tough riding on Sunday, all in the name of charity.  I've heard rumors of a little complaining but I'm sure those who are complaining are just doing so because they are scared, not because they plan on bringing any negative attitude on Sunday.

Here are some important details for Sunday.

1.  All riders must show at the Washington Square Tavern by 8am for instructions.
2.  All riders have to print out the waiver and sign it before the ride.  We are NOT going to have these on site, so print in advance.  No waiver, no ride.
3.  Instead of waiting for others to hold their hands and show them the way, a group of Quad Cycles riders tackled the route on their own.  They got it mostly right, with the exception of the trails around Walden Pond and leading to Rt 2.  I marked a better route there this week.  If you want to see their gps info, go here:  If you're taking Kurt's hard work, be sure to buy him a beer after the ride and perhaps a burger too.
4.  We'll have a support vehicle in Concord, armed with a bunch of Hammer products.  But, if you don't make it there by 1:30, you need to find Mass Ave and take the pavement back to Brookline.  Otherwise, you'll miss the beers, raffle, and fun (and probably be pretty unhappy).
Route specifics:
  1. This is NOT a closed course.  There will be cars (obviously) on the roads and other trail users, including dog walkers on the trails.  Be respectful.  Remember there might be 100+ others following you, so don't ruin it for the rest of them.
  2. I've ridden most of the trails already this week and marked them with pink ribbons.  
  3. There are A LOT of sticks down on the trails.  These sticks can very easily rip your derailleur off.  Consider yourself warned.
  4. Even though it has been very dry this spring, there are still slick bridges.  No need to risk crashing on a twisty bridge.
  5.  There are some portions of the route that are NOT well marked.  They are:
    1. The route from the Tavern to Skyline Park.  Research it, figure out how to get yourself to Brookline St and Skyline Park
    2. In Bedford, after the old rail trail, you'll turn left towards Page Rd.  Again, research it.  I was not able to spray all of the turns there.  The GPS files will take you the right way if you're following them
    3. Once you finish the trails and come through Belmont Ctr, you're on your own to get back to Brookline.  It's not that hard, but research it in advance.
  6. Tristan Schneiter with Geekhouse made a cue sheet for those relying on old fashioned paper.  I am not going to print these, but you can.  Fair warning, the mileage will be slightly off, but the road naming will help orient those who need it.

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