Sunday, December 16, 2007

5.5 miles in 80 minutes

Sometimes I don't travel far, but still spend a lot of time and energy to get to my destination. On Thursday Boston was pounded with fast falling snow that left 8-10 inches in 6-7 hours time. It was as if the city didn't own a single plow or sander.

Since I had ridden to work in the morning, I figured I should ride home as well rather than ask my wife to venture out in such weather. It was comical really. I spent the majority of my 5.5 mile commute walking and carrying my bike through stopped traffic. The roads were parking lots with people abandoning cars, turning off their engines, and generally looking miserable. I on the other hand, had a big smile on my face as people laughed from overcrowded bus stops or within fogged cars. My response: "I'll be home a lot sooner than any of you!"

I was able to walk considerably faster than the traffic. Outside of major intersections I was able to ride/slide in the packed tire tracks, pedestrian packed sidewalks, or the fluff covered bike lane. I traversed Watertown, Allston, Brighton, Brookline, and into JP before arriving home. I haven't had that much fun on my bicycle in a long time.

I heard from my neighbors that it took as long as 5 hours to drive the same distance that I had spent 80 minutes walking/riding/sliding. Somedays it really sucks to be in a car.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

never ceases to amaze me

I've flown some 50,000 miles this year yet i continue to be amzed by the behavior of my fellow travelers. On my first flight this Thursday I was back of the bus. The overweight guy next to me was dozing off and couldn't keep his hands on his fat stomach so they kept slipping off and smacking into me. The woman on the other side of me smelled funny. Trapped like a friggin' sardine.

On the next, much longer flight I am squeezed all against the window and the two next to me fall asleep almost instantly. The guy on the aisle was snoring so loud that I could hear him through my noise cancelling headphones.

Well two miserable flights was a tiny price to pay for the unbelievable time I had once I arrived. I made it, my bike made it, and many of the east coast's finest (minus the sandbaggers) made it as well.

After a long weekend of meeting new friends and fantastic racing it was time to pack up again and head out to Dallas for business. I stripped the bike back down to a bare frame and packed it securely for airline travel. Two more flights and I am safely in DFW with my luggage and great memories. Two days of work here and then back to home sweet home.

The holidays are here and I can't wait to celebrate with friends and family. If only I didn't have to travel so much...