Thursday, August 27, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

The troops woke up extra early this morning for an inaugural cross practice at a new location. I've thought about this location a lot and going back to last summer in the 95 degree heat with PVB, I've taken a few occassions to scout some possible course layouts. I've lacked the motivation until now to actually lay one down proper. After attending the featureless practice loop in Alston last fall I decided I needed something that would actually mimic a real cross course. With excitement brewing among the Boston HUP squad, I rallied enough help and motivation to put together our new training course.

Supplies were picked up by Chip and his personal support crew.
The course has some sweet bowl style turns as well as plenty of steep hills to pedal and run

It also has a long set of stairs to keep the runners happy

Lastly, practicing some turns on the ball field before hitting the off camber areas

Photos are crappy because it was early morning and it was my phone, not a real camera. But with sunrise/sunset views of the city from the hill top, I'll be sure to bring the real camera next time.


RMM said...

In analyzing your map, it seems that you were cutting corners on some of your laps.

I always thought that you had more integrity than that.

rosey said...

i went off course to try and snap pictures.