Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Bikes of D2R2 - part 2

There are a lot of companies in the cycling industry that slap some world champion stickers on their product to honor a world champion that rode their equipment to victory. Some riders request these world champion bands (or wc bands as they are more fashionably referred to) on their custom frames so the rest of us will know this same brand of frame was piloted to a world championship title.

Well, in the case of this custom frame, the owner himself is a former world champ! Humble as can be, Peter Bradshaw (aka Mustachio) won the messenger world championships (not necessarily UCI sanctioned but still more impressive than anything else the rest of you have ever won).

At the D2R2, Pete showed up on his work machine and was all business. He tried to be friendly and rode with us mortals until our first flat around the 3rd mile. From then on he was off aiming for a sub 8 hr time. Although he didn't break the 8 hr mark, I have no doubt he could/will now that he knows what to expect next season.

Check out this utilitarian pump location. These Topeak Morph series pumps are far and away the best option for easy, high pressure pumps. The only downside is that they don't come with a convenient water bottle mount. Very creative Bradshaw.

When you are as strong as Peter Bradshaw you don't need no stinkin' compact. Apparently you don't need anything bigger than a 25 in back either. Geez!

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