Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Bikes of D2R2 - part 1

This bike is now in the hands of its third and (very likely) final owner. Mr. Jeffrey Bramhall is a well recognized and very well respected member of the Boston cycling scene. He is also the pilot of this classic Moser.

I had the pleasure of riding with Jeff for most of the 170k and I ran out of fingers quite early on trying to keep track of how many times he said this is the perfect bike. It's a classic for sure. A classic and simple steel tubeset paired with a steel fork, Campy 10 speed components and a sensible Specialized saddle. The classic frame had room for some extra comfy 25mm tires though he did pull off an awesome double flat just 5 miles from the finish.

Jeff made the 14,000ft of climbing with sections as steep as 27% look easy despite the lowest gear being a 39-27.

He and Stephen Jablonski (his bike will be chronicled later) also had really handy cue sheet holders that they fabricated especially for the event. This was a real blessing since the Garmin track I had received was only accurate for the first 100k.

Congratulations Jeff on a fantastically functional ride that brings you so much satisfaction.

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RMM said...

I was the second owner of this bike and I regret selling it, though it was a little too small for me. In fact every time I see Jeff I offer to buy it back.

This Moser has a low bottom bracket, which makes it quite stable in rough terrain and on fast descents.