Friday, September 7, 2007

whale's vagina?

no Ron Burgendy, Mt. Diablo is not German for whale's vagina. It is Spanish for Devil Mtn. On Wednesday I was determined to conquer the devil. In the spring the devil was victorious, crushing my will after a long day of 6+ hours in the saddle.

From the first turn of the pedals I knew Wednesday's ride was not going to be easy. I was not to be deterred though and I continued on my journey. This would be a 70 mile vertical assault and already my body said no. Maybe you should listen to your body...

I had the map and had ridden most of the route once before. The route is in San Leandro/Diablo/Walnut Creek and is beautiful and mostly void of cars. Here is the route map.

It is well worth riding if you find yourself with time to spare in the area. Just don't be surprised if you are crushed by the wale's vagina.

C'mon, that view was worth 80 miles of suffering, right?


pvb said...

Mount Creampuff sounds really tough.

josh said...

one of my buddies lives near diablo. his descriptions make it sound sort of like waking up next to a fat chick......what was i thinking when i got myself into this???