Saturday, September 22, 2007

More Boone play

Wednesday was another day of fun riding with the climbers in Boone. Check out the route details. We ain't got hills like that in Boston. Me and the Specialized rep got schooled by a world class triathlete. He was a friggin' rocket ship going up the hills. I am happy to say I was second to the top, although I don't think the rest of the group worked quite as hard as I did.

Judge for yourself, but I think Boone rocks for road riding. I've heard the mountain biking is sweet too. Next time.
Oh, and if you happen to stay in Boone, look out for this guy and this fine dining establishment.

1 comment:

megA said...

You do not know how much I love chik-fil-A.

i love love love love it.

next time, will you bring me home a sandwhich? with extra pickles?