Friday, September 6, 2013

Next adventure

3 days
6 riders
150+ miles
probably some detours
definitely some good stories


Jon said...

Did you happen see the Bay Circuit Trail story in AMC Outdoors magazine? A guy with GPS unit went out and walked it end-to-end, and it publishing a report on in it soon.

Scott Rosenthal said...

I did not see that story. I'll be riding with a gps so I should have a pretty accurate gps track of the whole thing when we are done. I'm sure we'll detour a few times, or get lost, but it ought to be a usable route for others. I'll post links once I'm done.

Also, after riding 15 miles of the route in Ashland area, the idea of walking this trail sounds horrible. It is not a fun route for hiking, on and off roads.

DT said...

Scott - congrats as it looks like you've completed the BCT! Any chance of getting that .gpx file posted somewhere?