Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bay Circuit Trail - introduction

The scheme was hatched back in the spring to tackle some 200 miles of primarily trails from Plumb Island to Duxbury, following the Bay Circuit Trail.  The mastermind of this trip was Paul Benson.  Those of us along for the adventure included * Gerry Finnegan, Steve Goneau, Adam Young, Keith Borgaro, and myself.  In our planning, it was decided that camping was out of the question, but accomplishing this in 3 (long) days would be possible.

Throughout the summer, we continued planning, scouting out as many sections of the trail as possible, relying on the less than stellar Bay Circuit website and waiting for their high resolution hard copy maps to arrive.  I rode sections from Soutboro to Ashland, others rode the beginning section, and the finish.  But we left a bunch of areas unscouted.

Additional planning included a shuttle to the start for 6 guys and 6 bikes, specifics on what gear to carry. securing hotels along the route, and dropping off some supplies at those hotels.  We ended up with a mixture of bikes, though all 29ers

Paul - hardtail
* Gerry - hardtail
Steve - single speed
Scott - single speed
Adam - dual suspension
Keith - dual suspension

Amazingly we only had one mechanical (a trashed rear derailleur around mile 20) and two flats.  But we had lots of adventure, plenty of bee stings, a few brief detours, and some really long days in the saddle.

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