Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rock on!

It's 10pm on Sunday and I am still on a huge sugar and adrenaline high. You guys and gals all rock for coming out today and making the event happen. Despite my erratic directions and less than stellar road markings, you were all troopers.

I'll have more updates soon but here are some highlights.

- $705: amount raised for Bikes not Bombs (friggin' awesome since roughly $400 of that was from the raffle alone!)
- 67: participants (and I think 67 friends)
- 100: Hupcakes consumed (Hannah, you rock. Watch out for Ryan Kelly though because I think he has fallen in love)
- 3:30pm: about 45 minutes later than I expected for the first arrivals (sorry!)
- 16: number of flat tires (two of them being tubulars, sorry Pete Smith!). Actually this is a total guess though I would be interested in knowing how many
- 2: number of SRAM rear derailleurs that got a little too close to the spokes for comfort
- 1: restaurants in Boston that would be willing to host 60+ spandex-clad, stinky cyclists (thanks Gerry)

Thank you all for taking part and for being good sports despite my sometimes cryptic route. I have thick skin and welcome feedback so don't hesitate to tell me how I could make the ride better next time (maybe just email me, not the whole list though because my skin isn't that thick).

Also, I hate to see the cx momentum stop so be sure to attend Matt and Mo's fund raising event at the new Ride Cafe in Lexington on April 1st. While ipods are pretty cool raffle prizes, they are raffling off a $7500 titanium bicycle which is definitely cooler than an ipod (sorry Chip)! Also, if you didn't know, Mo brought a ton of vegan cupcakes and cookies (without even being asked to do so!) and set a blistering pace for her teammates on the ride. Matt was definitely the hero of his mechanical-ridden team. Two great people just trying to recoup some hefty expenses from pursuing their dream. Help them out if you can.

A giant thanks to you all for making this event happen!

Hup Hup!


RMM said...

I can't even believe that you would lead your post with an apology after the great job you did with organizing this whole thing.
This was a great event...certainly one of the highlights of the season.

hog said...

Thanks for setting this up. It was a awesome day out. Really can't say thanks enough.

Yash Katsumi said...

Great job Rosey!!!

Dave said...

rosey, the event was awesome.

velocb said...

Great job Rosey!!! Seeing you at the end of that railbed was like seeing an oasis! You did an amazing job. Best outlaw race of all time! I still can't believe it actually transpired and the magnitude of its sheer awesomeness!

Hup Hup my brother! You set a high bar for next year!

Big Bikes said...

Upon further reflection,
I should have called in sick to work,
blogged about the race, then gotten fired. Sounds like it would have been worth it.

You are da man.


Anonymous said...

Rosey - A+

Ron Steers said...

Scott, thanks again for hosting an incredible event. It was a blast. After leaving the tavern, while giving Richard Fries a ride home, he said to me "I have been riding for a long time and I think that was one of the best days on a bike I have ever had". I think that proves what a great ride you have created. Thanks again.....HupHup

B.Frank said...

Well done. Great Event. The Regulated Ducklings entourage had a blast.