Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 21st

Nearly 45 people have committed to an unknown route of roughly 65 miles on March 21st. On March 6th, I scouted the roads, trails, and singletrack that will make up the adventure. Overall, the route is relatively flat. For 65 miles, there is less than 3000 ft of climbing. There are, however, a lot of trails, mud pits, and even a few spots where one might choose to walk instead of ride. Overall, the route took about 4.5 hours (riding) and that's without pushing too hard on the roads. I expect that most people will be able to carry an average speed of 14+ mph so it should take between 4 and 5 hours as long as you don't get lost...

The route takes you through some scary haunts.
Be careful, the trails will draw blood!
The ride will commence at 9:30am on the 21st with route details and map info. I'm still looking for an exact meeting place but you can expect it to be in Washington Square in Brookline. There are two coffee/breakfast spots and a Starbucks so everyone should be able to find some pre-ride fuel to meet their needs. Everyone is expected to meet for the initial info debrief. There will not be any ride-specific support so pack what you think you'll need. No sag wagon here!

The first groups will be sent off at 10am and continue based on expected completion time until everyone is off. The first team to the finish line wins.

At the finish line we'll have beers on tap thanks to the Washington Square Tavern and hupcakes for everyone that finishes. Who knows, maybe some other fun goodies too.

Thanks to everyone who confirmed their groups. The ride has a diverse mix of road racers, mtb riders, cx specialists, men and women (no kids though).


Yash Katsumi said...

The winning team should be required to get a tattoo on the spot.

rosey said...

great idea. i will give you creative license with your design. keep it TIGHT of course.