Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ronde recaps

I don't find myself holding $705 in cash very often (ever?) but this is what it looks like in case you are curious. Thanks again for your generous support, raffle entries, and participation to benefit Bikes not Bombs.

I've already found a few very nice recaps of the Rhonde. If you wrote one, send me the link. If you want me to publish your thoughts or pictures here, send them to me and I'll post them.

Also, I'd like to do a future post showing the various GPS tracks for teams that had a Garmin to track their route. Send me your route link if you don't mind and I'll post them all up so we can see who (if anyone) followed the course exactly and who took the most detours, etc.

Colin's report

Chip's report

Chip's other report
Fries is cracking a smile but I assure you he was all business! Dude sprinted through those mud puddles like it was the bell lap

Natasha's photographs (the last one is my favorite. Pure determination)
Natasha's write up on cxmagazine.com (jealous?)

Hup New England facebook (the fun never ends)

Gregor's photos from Cutler (I had no idea he was so official! Very cool to see an area I did not cover during the race)

Threshold's recap (beer makes it worth it! And you are right, it should have been Ronde, but it's too late now, and the spelling does help the tweeting and googling)

Pink Beacons had fun and may have entered the blurry depths of the pain cave at times

Kevin's was a late entry but clearly that is because of the days he must have spent painting the beautiful portrait at the end!


B-Bike-G said...

Some photos here...


kccarpenter76 said...

The link to the Threshold blog isn't working. Here is a link if you want it: http://tiny.cc/vjcv6

hog said...

Here's my 2 cents with a couple more pictures.
Thanks again!


William said...

Thanks Rosey!!!

Here are some photos from the Make Way for Ducklings crew (along with some Regulator interlopers):


The CB crew will be putting up a blog post soon I'm sure.

James Scott said...

Wish I coulda made it, I hope there's a Ronde II, and it would be cool to hit Franklin Park and/or Blue Hills 'cause the south side can hurt ya, too.

megA said...

great write ups
great job pulling it all together--that could not have been easy!
wish we had three bikes we could've pulled together. . .


Labrat said...

Rosey, caught wind of this through the blogosphere, albeit a little late... sounds like it was a good time!