Thursday, October 22, 2009


Being a cycling addict is much safer than being a drug addict. Even though my wife and family may think otherwise, I am pretty certain I could never over dose on cycling (racing is another story though). I'll keep trying but I'm confident it won't happen.

I just received these pictures from my father-in-law. This was right before I left their house in Montana and began a 30 day stretch without seeing any familiar faces. It's always hard leaving Montana because we have so much fun and it is a beautiful, relaxing environment. It's even harder when you know you won't see your wife for 35 more days.
Hard to believe that trip was more than a year ago.


C-BOMB said...

Montana looks sick

rosey said...

cary you owe it to yourself to get out there. they actually have a private research lab in hamilton where my in-laws live. quality of life (if you can deal with a lot of F350 pick ups) is superb.