Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Top Notch Photog

Click on the picture for more NoHo goodness from the official photographic master of 2009 CX. Obviously I like this one because it is me but there are a ton of quality (can we start using quality instead of epic?) shots in her highlight real.


velocb said...

That is how we do it! I so almost poached that photo of you for my blog! That just captures so much. Natasha is a true artist. And such a cool person. Great great great photo!

I love how that picture captures the remount-its a text book remount. Perfect. And you either are smiling because you are having so much fun or that you are about to unleash a furious attack and crush the rider behind you!

Big T said...

with the rider behind him being no less than Colin Murphy himself, a fellow LCC member ;)

It makes me even happier when sometimes I am able to capture shots that are not only good to look at but also have additional meaning open to those who are members of a "secret society". Love it.

thank you both Rosey and Chip for the kind wors. As aI had said before, keeps me movin'.

rosey said...

i can't remember why I'm smiling. Maybe because I know Murphy and I rode a good race together. Saturday was a fun day.

The photos are a cut above, seriously. There are a few photographers around the nation right now that are capturing great shots week after week. Pedal Power is one of them.