Sunday, October 4, 2009

Best Tailgate EVER!

In an almost last minute fashion, the idea of a HUP tailgate was hatched. I expected to see some of those little floor level grills with 3 or 4 burgers and hot dogs at a time. Oh no, that's not how the HUP crew rolls. I rolled up with the Baker of Hearts and his cargo of beverages, e-z-up tent, and bikes galore. When we located Eli he already had the charcol grill warming up and a delicious looking turkey ready for cooking. He also had a service table, a cooler of beers, and a race to get ready for. It was 8:30!

As the morning continued, we had more and more items added to the table. Since it wasn't lunch time yet, the spread started with bagels, nutella, bacon, and probably some other breakfast goodies. There was a little warming up to do on the course, but when I came back the lunch spread was starting to compile. The turkey was still cooking but there was already stuffing, cheesecake, HUPcakes and liquid refreshment to serve an army...of HUP and FOHUP alike.

As much fun as the racing at Gloucester was, the most enjoyable part of the day was just spending time with teammates and friends that really know how to enjoy themselves and get along. There was not a single negative vibe anywhere near the tailgate HQ; just a lot of satisfied, smiling bike racers and spectators. The way it should be.

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