Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This Just In!

From the promoters of the Accelerated Cure Cyclocross Series:

"The 2009 Accelerate Cure Project Cyclocross Series is now on Bikereg.

The series is now in it's 3rd year and has grown each year.
It started as a 2 race weekend in 2007, grew to a 3 race series
in 2008 and has grown again in 2009.
It is now a 4 race series. The series includes the following events:

1. Blunt Park - August 23rd
2. Palmer - August 29th (note new date)
3. Robinson Park - Sept 27th
4. Easthampton - Nov 22nd

Race Series Details: Top 15 finishers will earn points (15-1).
Higher individual placing in final event (Easthampton) will be used as a tie breaker.

Series Prize List for Cat 4, 35+, 45+ & 3/4:
$500 - 10 places for each category

Series prize list for Juniors, Women, 55+, 1/2/3:
$5 from every PRE-REGISTERED racer in thier field will be contributed towards
category’s series prize list paying 5 places.
Example: If women field has 15 pre-registered racers for each event (60 combined
pre-registered over all 4 races), the series prize list for the woman will be $300 ($5 x 60).

Please visit for details on the idividual events and the series."

It's not too early to be gluing tubulars, is it? Btw, if you need to glance at the
2009 schedule, take a look here. Thanks Tom!


Markie Mark said...

Soooo ready for Cross this year... Bring it on baby!!!!!

RMM said...

Yash was gluing tubulars in March. I believe that I saw him practicing remounts a few weeks ago at Harvard...
But for the rest of us, I agree PVB who says that the New England cyclocross season starts with Suckerbrook in mid-September.

rosey said...

rmm, last season i glued my tubulars in january. maybe that's why i rolled them at the first race of the season...

it's never too early for cross. the first quad cross in 2007 was one of the most fun events ever, despite the 80 degree temps. those quad guys knew how to do it back then.