Friday, May 22, 2009

line up

UPDATE: We now have the route:

Here's the list of competitors for this weekend's invite-only Rapha Gentlemen's Race. Lots of strong folks listed here. We're honored to be taking part as we know they've invited some premium competitors.


9:30 AM

The Eastmans: Capt- Dara Kiese
Ira Blumberg, 26 cat 4

Neil Cooper, 39 cat 4

Scott Blau, HC
Roland Freund, 40 no cat

John Trotter, 48 no cat

Dara Kiese, 38 cat 4

Team Fifth Street: Capt- Keith Plunkett
Mark Taylor - NO ROAD CAT

DAVE PRYOR - NO ROAD CAT (though he is Mr. FitChick Selene's husband )
Matt Allyn CAT 4

Christine Fennessy women's CAT 4

Jamie Huber NO ROAD CAT

Keith Plunkett CAT 4

9:40 AM
HUP UNITED: Capt- Scott Rosenthal
Scott Rosenthal, cat 4
Jeff Bramhall, cat 4
Stephen Jablonski, cat 4
Megan Bilodeau, cat 3 (I think)
Mark Bernard, cat 4
Tom Needham, cat 5

9:45 AM
The Bicycle Depot: Capt- Mike Newman
Mike Newman - Cat. 5 on my best day maybe Cat. 3.
Danny Brennan - Cat. 5 - He's our sandbagger.
Patrick Clifford - Cat. 3
Travis Turner - Cat. 3
George Swain - no cat. - he does these 24 hour races and stupid long randonneur events.
Alex Sherwood - I think cat. 4. he has won the S.O.S. event up here and is a badass tri guy.

9:55 AM
Gotham: Capt- EW
Dave Nazaroff- 3
Colin Prensky- 3

Chris Long- 2
John Raheb- 3
EW- 3
TBD- 3

Rapha Racing: Capt- Piers North
Tom Hinnershitz - Cat 2

Phil Riggio - Cat 2
Peter Hurst - Cat 2
Piers North - Cat 3
Patrick Wilder - Cat 3
Greg Fowlkes - Cat 4

10:05 AM

Bicycling: Capt- Cush
Mike Cushionbury (Bicycling/Mountain Bike Deputy test Director, mtb pro)

Joao Correia (Rodale Associate Publisher, road pro for Bissell)

Chris Lambiase (Rodale VP, Group Publisher, Cat 3 roadie)

Selene Yeager (aka The Fit Chick, elite level triathlete and mtb racer)

Brad Ford (Men’s Health on-line, Cat 3 roadie)

Mike Yozell (carpenter for Rodale bike racers, former Expert cross-country National Champion)

Rapha Continental: Capt- Jeremy Dunn
Jeremy Dunn, cat 2
PVB, cat 3
Sam, cat 2
Graeme, cat 2
Kansas, cat 4
Spinelli, cat 1

Adler Racing: Capt- ?

Reed Albergotti, cat 2

Christoper Chaput, cat 2

Matt Cuttler, cat 3

Kevin Brubaker, cat 3

Tony Slokar, cat 2

Laurel Gitlen, cat 2

10:20 AM

Embrocation: Capt- James Morrison
James Morrison- 1/2

Peter Bradshaw- 1

Josh Gunn- 1/2

Jay Combs – 1/2

Peter Smith- 1/2

Matt Roy- 1/2

EMPIRE: Capt- Mike Sherry

Mike Margarite- 1

Mike Mathis- 1

Alex Bremer- 1

John Loehner- 1

Matt Johnson- 1

Daniel Zmolik- 1


RMM said...

Are the teams listed in descending order based on category?

rosey said...

yeah, the race is handicapped based on category so the earliest teams are the "slowest" category. in theory anyway...

RMM said...

There is not much of a handicap there.

rosey said...

rmm, it was not nearly enough (for us). there were some real ringers in those early groups too.

C-BOMB said...

How did the Empire guys do?