Friday, June 5, 2009

Reasons Why I like Mountain Biking

1. You don't have to share mtb trails with cars (definitely a plus in MA)
2. It is highly unlikely that you will be yelled at by fellow ride members
3. Bike handling skills are required
4. People don't spontaneously crash right in front of you. Oh wait, they probably do, but it's highly unlikely that you are going 25 mph and landing on pavement if you hit them
5. When you meet an amateur mountain biker at a group ride, they are nice to you and willing to ride with you. When you meet a road amateur at a group ride they just want to tear your legs off as quickly as possible
6. Mountain bikers are less curmudgeonly than road bikers
7. Your upper body might actually get a workout, reducing the typically anorexic look most roadies admire in themselves
8. You get cool engineering and technology with your $3,000 mtb
9. Most mountain bike crashes are funny

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