Thursday, March 5, 2009

Turn down the bitch knob

This winter has been cold and snowy in Boston. It's been a challenge for me to remain positive and upbeat because I really don't enjoy snowy or cold conditions in Boston. I like being outdoors and being able to get around town comfortably on my bike. I much prefer riding my bike to work as opposed to driving and fighting with traffic. I know it's still possible to get outside when the weather is nasty but my motivation to do so drops significantly.

Even though I grew up skiing every weekend I just don't get as excited about it anymore. Maybe it's the painful process of packing up and getting out of Boston with the hoards of other people trying to do the same or maybe its the fact that it's an expensive undertaking to ski 8-10 times a year. Either way, the winter time distraction I enjoyed as a kid is no longer something I look forward to so I'm left with more time to stew and sulk during the cold, snowy, dark winter months.

Over the last few weeks I've tried to embrace the last nastiness of New England winter by taking a ski trip to Vermont, riding and commuting despite the cold, wet conditions, snowshoeing, swimming, playing squash, and connecting more closely with new and existing friends. Embracing what's around me and enjoying new company and different activities has lifted my spirits.

As part of this lifting of my spirits I'm going to cut out the negative blogs and forums I used to visit. I'm turning my energy towards family, friends, and positive experiences. Enough bitching about the cold and snow, about how much my fitness is suffering, about traffic during my commute. I've realized the people and the time that I most enjoyed this winter were filled with positiveness so I'm going to continue with that trend from now on.

An end is in sight (it is March, right?) to the cold and dirty conditions that accompany winter in this city and this weekend we jump ahead an hour so we instantly gain extra sunlight at the end of our days. While I'm out there trying to cram months worth of stifled riding and outdoor activities into the first few days of spring remind me not to bitch, not to sulk, and to lift other people's spirits along the way.


Colin R said...

Well shit, now I'll feel bad writing a sarcastic "omg i hate winter" blog entry, since it was basically going to be the not-nice version of this post.

rosey said...

there's a difference between bitching because you got soaking wet while having fun outdoors and bitching because you are a generally unhappy or negative person. i consider you to be part of the former and rather enjoy hearing about your 15 hour day trips to remote parts of New England in pursuit of a 52 week/year race schedule.

btw, i'm going to trail of tears on saturday. let me know if you're interested

RMM said...

I am flattered to gather from your comment today that you haven't cut my blog out of your reading schedule.

Or have you?

I'll try to be nicer...I promise.

rosey said...

rmm, i didn't know you started a blog?

oh wait, that's mean and i'm not going to be negative anymore.

where else can i go to get reviews of every shop in the greater boston area? plus, i've gained 10 watts just by reading about you using power cranks. imagine if i used them too? i'd double that gain.

Ron said...

Well written Scott. I need to think the way you are. Its a bit easier for me to think positive now that there is an end in sight. Once the snow melts and the trails are in better shape, I will have to have you and some of the other mtb crossers up to my pad to hit the local trails. Enjoy the nice weather this weekend.

rosey said...

Ron, glad to hear from you. this winter definitely made me stir crazy with the weather and cold temperatures. maybe i should move to California and ride all year round.

Enjoy the spring thaw!

CCC said...

Damn there's a lot more love here than over on my comments section. I'm jealous ;)

matt said...

kids solve some this. they love winter, you love them, you get to enjoy winter through/for them.

I do not recommend having kids simply for the purpose of solving your winter blues however.