Friday, March 27, 2009

My dad is better than your dad

I remember a "reality" show last year called my dad is better than your dad where the fathers and their child competed against one another in athletic and "intellectual" challenges. Being 28 years old I think I am just a bit too old to take part in such a show with my father but last Thursday night confirmed in my mind that my father is truly better than everyone else's.

After spending a week in Providence helping my sister and brother-in-law welcome their second child into the world, he agreed to spend Thursday night helping me pimp out my basement workshop area with high quality lighting and electrical outlets. Those who have visited my basement workshop know I am quite fond of the space. Being a bit of an afterthought when we bought our condo it has been an absolute savior for a guy with too many bikes and a general addiction to "gear." In fact I think the only way I get away with owning so much stuff is because the stuff is out of sight and out of mind most of the time.

So yeah, my basement is an invaluable space but it needed some upgrading, so with the help of my dad we pulled down the old low wattage track lights and installed blindingly bright flourescent lights. We also rewired the lights to function off of wall mounted switches instead of impossible-to-find-in-the-dark pull strings. Not being satisfied with improved lighting and switches, I also mounted a bunch of outlets (previously had 0) in the workshop area so now my entertainment sources for winter trainer sessions and my power tools can have appropriate homes instead of relying on extension cords run throughout the space. I can't help but brag about the improved functionality of my basement now. I am just a couch and fridge away from moving in full time.

Oh, but back to why my dad is better than your dad. After supplying the majority of the knowledge and tools to conquer this job, he's heading back to Connecticut to perform his real job, saving peoples' lives as a physician. How many people do you know that can cure disease during the day and re-wire a basement lighting and electrical system during the evening.


matt said...

Saving lives is nice, but has he ever done a keg stand with you?

rosey said...

well we did play beirut back in the college fraternity. he wasn't that good at it and i think he was disgusted by the sticky floors and stale beer smell.

velocb said...

Your dad sounds rad! Its always awesome to hear those stories they are so rare these days. Usually its just a whine fest and blame d.o.d for all of life's problems.

And dude! You may have a more ocd attachment to your number plates than I do. That is an impressive display of race numbers! I still pine for good old 666 that I got back at a Surf City cx in santa cruz back in the day...Your mantown rocks!

RMM said...

My puny room pales in comparison to your vast space.
Now I remember why I sometimes fix my bikes at your house instead of mine.

rosey said...

I was definitely thrilled to spend the QT with pops on this project. he's quite handy with tools.

i told my wife that i'd cleaned up, improved, and consolidated my man-room. when showing off our crafty work to her for review, her response was that i had not in fact consolidated, i'd simply expanded things along the perimeters thus taking more space from our condo co-owner.

i could have sworn that selling two bikes and hanging the stock pile of wheels and tools would constitute consolidating, no? oh well, it's a good thing my neighbor lives alone and has the attic all to herself.

RMM said...

I forwarded this to my father.