Thursday, January 22, 2009

roll another joint

I dread riding the trainer indoors. I seek every excuse not to and am willing to risk a lesser workout and frigid temperatures to ride outdoors. Thinking that riding rollers instead of a trainer would more closely mimic the outdoor cycling sensation, I recently purchased some inexpensive rollers (as recommended by Mr. Indoor Training). I ordered them over the phone on a Tuesday and they arrived on Thursday! Not bad for $104.
With no asembly required, I was able to rip open the box and start my balancing act in less than 5 minutes. At first I put the rollers near a desk so I could lean on the desk to help balance. I quickly realized I’d need a taller stable surface to prop myself against so I opted for a doorway instead. Using the doorway for support, I was able to ride for 15 minutes without wandering too much though I was definitely holding on for support.
I had read about others use thick tape to help “force” the wheels to stay within a limited range on the rollers so I gave this a try. At first it was useless. My wheels still wandered outside the range although I managed to avoid any serious disasters and never rode off the sides. I decided to add even more tape to build up a decent ridge and this helped. On day 2 I was able to ride for about 3-4 minutes without holding on to the door frame.
On day 3, I set the rollers next to my wife’s trainer and a tall storage dresser. To avoid boredom, my wife put on a DVD and I tried to keep myself focused on the tv because that helped keep me centered on the rollers. During our workout I managed 15-20 minutes of consecutive roller action without reaching for support.
On day 4, I popped in a DVD and took to the rollers by myself. I successfully spun for 50+ minutes and worked up quite a sweat. I even managed a couple of one handed reaches to the water bottle. So the roller thing is getting easier and it is definitely more enjoyable/challenging than a trainer. I’m actually looking forward to more roller workouts this winter. Crazy, I know.


CCC said...

Is that a 1-UP USA trainer your wife is on? Big fan of that.

rosey said...

nah, it's a boring old cyclops fluid. those 1-up's look pretty sweat though. too bad i don't ride trainers anymore ;)

gewilli said...

don't worry, give the rollers a few years and they will be as boring as the trainer in no time ;)

rosey said...

hopefully i'll live in a warm, year-round riding location before the rollers get boring.

zack said...

I'd say it takes about a week for te rollers to be as boring as riding on a trainer. I used to try and make it more exciting by taking a jersey on and off while riding, and ride while reading. I think I have a picture somewhere from Cary snapping me as I talked on the cell phone and read the paper on the rollers.

If you use the rollers on hardwood floors, put a mat next to them. Ask Cary about the time he wore through several coats of varnish on the floor of our first apartment when his rear wheel slipped off.