Wednesday, January 21, 2009

better late than never

Oh yeah, I forgot that this blog was supposed to be about the places I travel. Well, earlier this week I found myself at the familiar Logan Terminal A waiting to board yet another Delta plane. After the big Sunday morning snow storm and hearing of my coworker's 5 hour flight delay and ultimate cancellation, I aborted the Sunday travel plan and rebooked for an early Monday departure. We were boarded and ready at 7:50 as scheduled but apparently Delta only employs one person to load bags for every plane on Mondays because we spent an hour waiting for the oversized carry on bags to be loaded. By the way, has anyone else noticed that the new fees for checked luggage has encouraged people to try to carry on absurdly large bags that inevitably have to be checked at the door and inevitably take extra time to load in the cargo area and inevitably delays the flight and inevitably causes missed connections, upset customers, and added work for the airline? So, is that stupid $25 fee really worth it Delta?
So the short story is that we were delayed 1.45 hours in Boston (despite boarding on time) so I missed my connection in Cincinnati. On the plus side, a former coworker was on the plane and he had a long layover too so after chatting for nearly 3 hours on the plane we continued catching up over lunch (at Chick Fil A of course!).
My flight to Kansas City was uneventful except that my coworker had already come and gone 2 hours earlier and he had the rental car so I had to wait for him to pick me up after the client meetings some 30 miles away. Fortunately I was only spending 24 hours in Kansas City so I didn't worry about seeing the sites in such a short time. We had lunch out by the Nascar race track and dinner at a brew pub. Never did get to see the cross nationals venue but from what I saw of the area, those of you who might have felt like you were missing something by not going...didn't (sorry Kyler). Pretty standard "anywhere USA" type of place. I'm sure I'll have another few trips there and I'll try to branch out to see more sites, but so far I'm not impressed.
My next two trips are to Grand Junction, CO and Billings, MT. Hopefully I can produce some more exciting reports.

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