Thursday, November 6, 2008

feelin' down

Once or twice a year I get a cold. Sometimes it is just a stuffy nose and sore throat, sometimes it is a full system meltdown. This week I have the stuffy nose and sore throat but hopefully nothing more. I skipped out on 'cross practice in hopes of limiting the amount that I weaken my immune system. I'm sure glad I don't have to get on a plane anytime soon. Traveling with a head cold is the pits.

Seeing a sign like this in New England would sure cheer me up.


pvb said...

Bike scrimmage was so fun last night. No park lights, so the corners were illuminated with blinkies.

Feel better for the Plymouth double soccer field bonanza this weekend. Hopefully it's greasy.

And ride Six Gap to see those signs in New England!

rosey said...

i was torn on going to scrimmage but got home too late to make it anyway. next week.

i think i am in for saturday only this weekend.

if they had signs like that on six gap you'd end up at the bottom of the atlantic ocean.

pvb said...

rosey said...

that blog has 7 posts. how do you find these things? oh, and i saw people pedaling there so it can't ALL be downhill at 6%. not that it doesn't look really fun of course.