Friday, October 31, 2008

just plain stupid

It's getting colder in New England as we seem to be skipping fall and going straight for winter. On Thursday morning my thermometer read 33 degrees when I left the house. I put on my windproof jacket and shoe covers in hopes of staying warm during the 15 mile ride. When I got to the Boston College area I caught up to a guy on a Bike Friday (with 16 inch wheels) who was equally dressed for the cold morning EXCEPT he was wearing flip flops. Seriously! Since when is wearing flip flops will bike commuting a good idea, let alone when it is 33 degrees outside. He rode at least 2-3 miles so it is not like he was just going to the end of the street or out for 5 minutes. I guess I just don't get it.

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bikefridaywalter said...

maybe he wanted try do the Rivendellish wool socks and sandals thing.. but didn't read the fine print about the socks. Maybe he's got hot feet. Maybe your big wheels were obscuring the view and he didn't have flip flops on? :D