Friday, April 12, 2013

Ronde 4.0 final hours

Less than 72 hours to go.  The GPS track and cue sheets have been sent to the teams, the route is finalized, and the huge amount of goodies from sponsors is gathered.

Hammer Nutrition donated 100 gel packets, lots of HEED drink mix, and lots of endurolyte tablets to make sure people aren't bonking too badly out there

Soulrun made some special items that will be in the raffle

Pedros has come through with awesome items INCLUDING this tool kit

Lazer donated a sweet top of the line helmet! and a Lion of Flander helmet cover

Ortlieb donated a very nice bag

Cuppow and Geekhouse goods

Mad Alchemy goodness

T-shirts designed by the best

Other huge supporters helping us break last year's fundraising total include:

Did I forget to mention, the Strava folks, and their fancy new Sprinter Van will be there at the finish line?  They are also donating some jersey bins and clothing items for the raffle

Of course, The Washington Square Tavern and Beaver Brook Bottles who host us all and feed us delicious burgers after we finish

Mayflower Brewing for donating a keg of beer!

Even if you're not riding, join us for the post ride party starting around 2:30 and ending once you've donated every last penny to Bikes Not Bombs.


Chris Adams said...

I was out of town for the ride this year. Is it possible to get the GPS and Q sheet to ride it some other time? I've made the last three and they've always been amazing. Hope you guys had a great run this year!

Scott Rosenthal said...

Chris, here is the official route that I mapped prior to the event:

Also, find it here: