Monday, April 11, 2011

Ronde v2.0 results

First, a big huge thank you to everyone who came out on Sunday morning and braved my less than ideal cue sheet and often-missing trail markings. I had a ton of fun organizing the event and riding it this year.

Second, a big huge thank you to the volunteers that helped out. Chip Baker who worked tirelessly in the background to round up sponsors, mark trails, spread the word, and be a helping hand in nearly every part of the planning. David Wilcox and Cary Fridrich, both on the IR with foot injuries drove all around the course, checking in teams, keeping riders going, and even sharing some sorely needed calories. Eli Levine for manning the checkpoint at the top of Prospect Hill Park. That water and those fig newtons helped a lot of people carry on after the climb. Gerry Finnegan (and his staff) for letting us take over the Washington Square Tavern as the host "city"

Third, a big huge thank you to the sponsors who made it possible for us to blow our goal of $900 out of the water this year!  You will get a proper post very soon, I promise.

The finish times are posted (complements of David Wilcox who stood at the Tavern to welcome EVERY team home). It's too early to declare a winner because the first team back has not produced gps proof that they (mostly) followed the correct route and there is some disagreement about whether or not their minor shortcut was valid. Oh, and they kind of sort of ditched their NH teammate to fend for himself so even though he was at the finish line with them, I think they are DSQ for not staying together as a team.

The truth though, is that Bikes not Bombs was the real winner on Sunday. Over $1300 raised which is awesome!

Send me your gps routes and I'll update the table below. Might even add some fun facts like who rode the furthest, longest time in the saddle, most lost, etc.


jb said...

In the immortal words of the Hup squad at Gent's race v1: DFL not DNF.

Jason DeVarennes said...

Thanks for organizing such a great event. Here is the link to the NEBC GPS file.

robotbuilder said...

This was great. . . everyone was a good sport. My heros for the day were the mountain biker woman on a borrowed single speed CX bike and her teammate on a 29er. She and her crew kept a steady pace. No matter how may times we passed them, their steady progress always bested our scattered efforts.

Also, first sun burn of the year! Heck yeah.

- Robot