Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ronde v2.0 taking shape

I'm scheming, plotting, and inventing some challenging upgrades to the route.  More trails, more climbing, more suffering with your teammates.  It'll be your own little taste of Paris Roubaix, but without the radios and team cars and with some much more challenging trails in place of the cobbles.

We raised over $700 last year.  This year, we have some really great stuff from Raleigh USA and Lazer already committed for our raffle.  We're looking forward to crushing last year's number to once again support Bikes not Bombs.

Make sure you're reaching out to me if you plan on taking part.  I've got 25+ confirmed so far and the limit will be 100.


the major said...

Pink Beacons(4 man team this year) are interested in Ronde 2.0

rosey said...

ok, i've got you guys down.

RMM said...

While I am glad that you are offering a true alternative to Battenkill, I am upset that my decision to race Battenkill forces me to miss this.

Shannan said...

Rosey, I'm definitely trying to get a crue together.


Jeremy said...

I've got what looks like should be a group of 4 together from Team Quad to tackle this adventure

rosey said...

major, jake, and jeremy, consider yourselves in. email me at srosenthal at with questions.

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Chris Franson said...

I'm working on putting together a group of 3-4 for the Ronde this year. It sounds like a blast. We'd love to get more info. Thanks.

rosey said...

sorry Chris, we are maxed out.