Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Change of seasons

For a while there I started thinking that 70 degree highs were normal for New England summers. The last two weeks we all got a slap in the face as the humidity and temperatures rose to create those sticky, uncomfortable conditions we know and love in New England. Despite the arrival of summer, I dusted off the cross tires last week while I was on Nantucket. There are some really good trails out there!

This morning I detoured through Cutler Park on the way to work. That place is a blast on the cross bike. It felt so right (despite the heat) to be dismounting, remounting, railing corners, and bunny hopping on the hoods. I'm looking forward to some mtb racing this weekend and then a few more road races (hopefully) and then it is time to CROSS. I'm psyched for cross.


EyeBob said...

love the shot of the bike on the board walk.

good eye there!


rosey said...

the trails at cutler are a blast. there are two or three of those long boardwalks surrounded by tall reeds. feels like the everglades or something.