Tuesday, February 3, 2009

what'd you do this weekend?

I got lots of emails about 4 hour rides scheduled for Sunday. Instead, I chose to leave town on Saturday afternoon (before the warmest day in months) and head to Grand Junction, CO where I have work obligations until Wednesday. So I've missed the warmest few days of 2009 in Boston.

Oh well, I got to do this(snowshoeing) on Sunday so I don't feel too bad.At 10,000+ ft, you can see pretty damn far.
Oh, my coworker flew in early too.
We tried to go to Rockslide Brewery on Main St to watch the Super Bowl but it was closed! Seriously, the brewery was closed on Super Bowl Sunday! I got to see this really clever sculpture though. Fitting since Grand Junction has lots of great mountain biking and is close to both Fruita and Moab.

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