Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hill Repeats?

Is it too early in the season to be doing hill repeats? I think not! After spending 3 days working in Billings, MT this week I headed to Vermont for a romantic Valentine's Day weekend with my wife...and her friends. It's ok, we actually had a lot of fun and it takes the pressure off when 2 other couples are around for Valentine's Day.

So yeah, hill repeats. Well on Saturday I spent almost 5 hours doing hill repeats. Up down up down. Needless to say, I was exhausted by the end of the day. Feeling the itch for one more, I dragged my wife up to the summit of Okemo Mountain. Ok, so maybe we didn't ride to the top, but we did hike the whole thing with snow shoes. We even made it to the old fire tower at the summit and took in the great views on a crystal clear day. The view was clear enough to pick out Mt Washington some 100(?) miles away. Nice.


RMM said...

I asked Kyle to come on a ride this weekend and he replied that he was in VT. James Morrison said that you were in VT too.

About 4 hours into the ride there was much hilarity speculating that the Kyler was the third wheel in the Rosenthal family boudoir.

Confirm or deny.

rosey said...

i can attest that the kyler did not attend the rosenthal valentine's weekend gathering. what he was doing in VT i have no idea.