Friday, December 26, 2008

satisfy the itch

Today I got out on snow for the third time this season. So far, I have had nothing but powder days! I'm in Montana for the holidays and we skied the best "unknown" lift serviced powder in America. Seriously, I've never not had powder here. On the way to Lost Trail Mtn we passed half a dozen big horn rams licking up the road salt and paying minimal attention to the cars creeping by. Not likely to see that in New England, or even Colorado.

I didn't want to hassle with lugging my skis through the airport so I rented some at the mtn. $16 for skis and poles (I brought my own boots)! Either New England is way inflated or Lost Trail Mtn has no ambition of making money.

We were on the slopes when they opened at 9:30 and we skied until almost 2. Powder stashes were easily found all over the tiny mountain. Despite temperatures in the low teens, we had a blast floating through champaign powder that rivals any place on Earth. Oh, and did I mention the lift ticket was only $32? Try finding that in New England.

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