Thursday, May 22, 2008

Seattle bound

I made my way from Portland up to Seattle on Sunday morning in order to catch a Mariners game at Safeco field. Let's just say $40 at Fenway would not get you anywhere near the experience we got at Safeco. $30 for seats six rows off the field and $10 for a salmon fillet sandwich a drink. Oh, and parking at the stadium was only $20.

Ok, so stepping back from the day it looks kind of expensive. But seriously, figure what a full tank of gas, $30 race entry fee, $10 worth of drinks and food along the way and that baseball game is not looking so expensive anymore. It was fun to do something different on the weekend and to see a really great stadium. The game was actually close too which made it easy to stay until the end.


pvb said...

I do not trust the salmon fillets at Fenway.

rosey said...

stick to the sausage king at fenway. he has never steered anyone wrong. they had sushi, chocolate covered strawberries and all kinds of treats. plus, lots of asian tourists to watch ichiro.