Tuesday, October 23, 2007

no more travel?

well, i don't think the bike will be coming with me very much this fall and winter. i just don't get enough time during sunlight hours when i'm traveling for work now. this week i'm in poughkeepsie, ny and since i drove, it was easy to just bring my regular cross bike.

i'm nursing some body discomforts so it's ok that i don't have the time to put in long miles while i'm here. let the body heal, right? i rode a few miles, practiced some remounts, and checked out vasser college. fall is a pretty time with the leaves changing. despite the unseasonably warm weather though, the campus was rather empty so i was able to tool around on the grass without the usual funny looks.

next week i'm off to seattle where i get to hang out with this guy. Yeah, he is pretty awesome and promised to lend me a bike to ride so I don't have to check the trusty Ritch-y. I'll try to post a report if we get out on two wheels this Monday.

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josh said...

I stand by my recommendation to go a bit west of new paltz and hit up some of the killer climbing in the area.

Or, the vassar team has some solid riders. A one pete horn went there (not sure if he graduated yet).

anyways enjoy and see ya soon.