Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hunting ground in Huntersville

I'm sitting in a bbq restaurant with one more day to burn in Boone county KY before heading a little further east to Huntersville, NC. I rode the excercise bike at the Courtyard Marriott since I did not feel like unpacking the Ritchey for what would have been a short ride tonight. Excercise bikes make me sweat more than riding outdoors yet feel more awkward, slow, and uncomfortable than any other piece of excercise equipment I can think of.

Tomorrow night I'll be in Huntersville and Thursday I have the whole day to myself to put in an epic 50+. Hopefully I don't get too lost since I do not know the area at all. Don't fail me now trusty Garmin gps!


josh said...

we missed ya this weekend.

How was the bbq? I had a great bbq lunch today at this cool spot my prof showed me. I'd say its best bbq in northern maine, if not the whole state. And I'd rank it in the top 5 of places in NE. Not saying a whole lot, but its good. Nothing quite like good bbq.

rosey said...

yeah i definitely wished i could have been there.

the bbq was mediocre at best. i am in NC right now and there is lots of good bbq here. i'll have to try again.