Wednesday, August 29, 2007

cycling in Dallas

I had an opportunity to do some riding in Dallas area back in July. Despite being 95+ degrees and humid, it was nice to ride in a new area. It was also the maiden voyage for my break away so I was doubly excited.

The bike was a bit tricky to pack but it made it without incident. Assembly was easy. The first Dallas ride was a Tuesday night crit put on by these guys:

I got there with plenty of time to warm up and check out the course. About as standard as a crit course could possibly be. If you find yourself in Dallas and want a good Tuesday evening workout, I suggest giving this one a shot. No primes so the group stays together until the finish usually.

On Wednesday I tried to find this group: Mirage Apparently they meet somewhere other than White Rock so I didn't make it to their start. I did find a triathlon group doing intervals through White Rock so I jumped in with them and did some butt kickin' efforts before calling it a night.

If you're in Dallas area and want a nice place to ride without the effort of joining a group ride, check out White Rock. Lots of people ride there and there is very little car traffic due to all the cyclists.

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Radio Freddy said...

great color combo. I linked you up at BKW.