Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Things I learned while riding 315 miles:

  • A follow car at night is a huge bonus
  • The person driving the follow car will tire out much sooner than the people riding through the night
  • Prepping lots and lots of water bottles in the follow car makes stops a lot faster
  • I experienced no less than 5 second winds
  • Having good company, riding at a like speed is critical for such an adventure
  • Town line sprints count less than state line sprints.  Country line sprints however, should never even be attempted, due to likely imprisonment
  • We recon'd the route and were going to take out a 1 mile dirt road in southern NH.  Turns out, there were still about 30 dirt road miles once we got to Vermont so that 1 mile seems pretty insignificant now
  • Aluminum race bikes do not make for comfortable triple centuries
  • The entire province of Quebec has horrible horrible quality roads (but at least their health insurance is good)
  • Desire to "do anything" other than eat and sleep upon finishing a triple century in a scenic city like Montreal was near zero

I'll write more about some of the good and bad equipment choices on the day soon

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