Tuesday, October 18, 2011

your loss

Last year I was a fool and sat in hours upon hours of traffic to race for 40 minutes at Granogue instead of driving 1.25 hours to the Thread City Cyclist's Mansfield Hollow CX race. This year I smartened up and stayed closer to home. This race is so much fun, and the promoters really enjoy hosting the event. I hopefully have some barcam footage still to come but in the meantime, here are some links to pictures and my lap info from Strava.

Not only is this race deceptively close to Boston, but you can eat your entry fee's worth of baked goods and wash it down with apple cider. And if you happen to be anywhere near the front at the end of the race, they pay very well, and give great merchandise prizes too. Heck, they hooked up DFL in the 1,2,3 race with a $30 multi tool. So next year, when you're sitting around listening to horrible music and not talking to all the unfriendly MAC people you don't know, you can remember that you could have been hanging out with #NECX and enjoying yourself in Mansfield Hollow. Maybe next year.


RMM said...

I concur that this is one of the best races on the calendar. I'd also point out that the course is tricky and challenging.

On another note, Zanc asked me why you beat me when you already had a race in your legs. My reply "he rode a teeny tiny bit faster than I did". Nice ride(s).

rosey said...

they are so receptive to feedback too and genuinely want to create a race that the racers love. each year has been different enough to keep it fresh while maintaining the signature bits that make me want to return year after year.

as for the race within the race, the first one was 35 minutes. not exactly a tank emptying effort. maybe next time we'll both bring our file treads and catch some of those guys ahead of us too.

gewilli said...

DFL got a Multi-tool? Fuck I got hosed. All the food was gone when I got there and all packed up when i got done racing.

Oh well. It is a tough course, always windy, and pretty damn good, even if I was the only one in the 1/2/3 field who didn't get something to take home.