Monday, June 6, 2011

Mill Pond mtb

I don't get to ride my mountain bike nearly enough.  Even though it's how I got hooked on bikes, I no longer make the time to ride in the woods as often as I should.  So this past Wednesday, when I had a window to ride new trails in Woburn, a little tornado wasn't going to keep me away.  If you haven't explored the Woburn trails yet, you should put it on your list.  Fun trails, close to Boston and pretty easy to navigate, even without a guide.  There's a link to my GPS file at the top.  We doubled back quite a few times because none of us knew the trails very well.  I'll be back.  From my office, it's only 10 minutes further than Bedford Paint Mines, and 15 minutes closer than Harold Parker.  A good alternative for a weeknight or early morning spin.

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