Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2010 cyclocross race review: Sterling Day 1


Score: B

- fun course with power sections, challenging run up, tight turns, and off cambers
- reasonably accessible from CT, NH, RI, and anywhere in MA
- neutral support from Mark

- staging by order of registration.  Tom, what do you have against using a predictable metric like  It seems to work well everywhere else
- the exposed course always feels 5 degrees cooler and windier than the surrounding area, making it less than pleasant for spectators
- no kids race
- this race didn't feel like it had the same level of energy associated with the other Verge events making the high race fee (consistent with all Verge events) feel even less worthwhile

- small turnout for the elite fields despite being the NACT finale.  7 of top 10 men didn't show.  3 of top 5 women didn't show
- 83% of women finished in the money, 76% of the men finished in the money
- surprisingly few places to pass on the course


gewilli said...

there was neutral support. Mark was there with his wheels and bikes and truck...

rosey said...

i stand corrected, and for that i give them a slightly higher score too.