Thursday, November 18, 2010

Breaking Away

I use Campy.  It's overpriced and it's not easy to source at the lbs.  I don't like that they moved to 11 speed for the higher end ranges but I've got enough 10 speed stuff to last me a few more years and when (if?) shifters wear out, they are rebuildable. 

Those who use SRAM seem to be blowing through shifters at an alarming rate this fall.  I thought it'd be fun (laughing at you, not with you) to try and count how many have broken their SRAM shifters this fall.  Leave a comment with your experience.  Are you sticking with SRAM in the future?  I know their warranty is great/fast, but it's not instantaneous so you're out at least a few hours/days if you need to rely on it.  So far I've got:

Colin Reuter: 4 shifters
PVB: 2 shifters
Ryan White: 1 shifter
Joy Stark: 1 shifter
Jordan Winkler: 1 shifter
David Montes: 1 shifter
SBZ: 1 shifter
Drew: 1 shifter
Greg Whitney: 2 shifter
Curtis B: 1 shifter
Gary David: 1 shifter
Ryan Kelly: 2 shifters
Mike Wissell: 2 shifters

who else?


Jordan said...

David Montes - 1

Ryan said...

I broke two last year. A first generation Rival and a second generation one when I had the audacity to crash.

pvb said...

Word is that a piece that used to be made out of nickel is now made of steel, so that might solve the problem. Both of my levers were from early '09 and ridden quite a bit. Plus, they upgraded my Force to Red, which has great feel and apparently different internals. I've heard that they've done that for others as well.

velocb said...

Campy for life! Rosey we should just get drunk and get the ankle tattoos right now. But seriously Campy 10 with a set of new Ergo Veloce or Centaur levers that are 10 speed rock. Best of both worlds. The new ergonomics on the lever are amazing and you can just keep using the nice 10 speed stuff. Amazing.

One other Campy advantage for cross. And in my mind it is HUGE. Is the fact that the brake release is at the lever. You can run your brakes the way they need to be without worrying about getting the straddle cable off. That is a big advantage.

Love this idea. We may need to make a t-shirt. Picture a pile of SRAM shifters with Conan the Barbarian standing upon the crushed souls...

matt said...

four seasons on sram for cross and road.

18-22 races cross events per year,
plenty of crashes.

5000-7800 road miles per year, fortunately no crashes.

0 broken shifters.

I did break a chainring bolt when I over tightened it.

I should switch to campy.

velocb said...

SBZ +1 at Green MTN. Soups and Carl Ring saved the day..

Phomaster said...

I snapped a 2010 rival at the end of the summer. I have HUGE forearms! Ohh Ug ugugug..

Cory said...

Our teammate Drew blew through one in 5 cx races this season. CMJ

Jordan said...

Also my Force shifter was upgraded to Red, and I have to say its a world of difference. I was never happy with the feel of my Force shifters, but the Red's are spot on.

I'm no fanboy - I run SRAM cause we had a sponsorship with them, and that's really the bottom line.

ringcycles said...

I've run Sram Red on the road bike and Force on the cyclocross bikes for 3 years. I had a problem with a first generation Force shifter miss-shifting after 3k miles. It was replaced by Sram in 3 business days. No other issues, no shifters exploding after a fall. As long as I keep the housing fresh, no shift problems either. They do not seem to gum up the way Shimano would after a season of cyclocross.

Brian JRA said...

I have used SRAM for 60+ races with no issues.


mike said...

the 1st gen force shifters that came on my cross bike are now on my road bike (no issues after 3 years).

the 2nd gen force shifters i bought last year for my cross bike are still going strong, despite an ugly crash at ice weasels that busted my return spring.

shit works, yo.

gewilli said...

Curtis B has busted two one, one per year.

Gary David busted one at Sterling Day one, and is currently using a rubber band to hold it together.

Like crank brother pedals, not something worth risking. Heck as Sven demonstrated even the best stuff occasionally breaks (pedals) but the stuff that fails alot? yeah..

esp if you crash a ton (like Gary, and Curtis this year).

The Crew at Cheshire Cycle said...

When you guys gonna learn the BEST set-up????
Campy shifters mated to a SRAM red rear derail.

Greeno said...

I switched to sram last year....the shifters are know why, its simple, in rear shifting up 10 then dwn 10 all in one lever... this makes not much room for error and adjustment. Having the dwn shift way over is awkward while standing climbing, makes for miss shifting. Shimano, there is 'feather' room, with two levers. And I have never had a problem with the brakelever/shifter on shimano...Sram double pawl system is asking for disaster. Not a fan of sram! Clunky to boot!