Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Early morning carnage

Robert called the new course Lars "Carnage" Anderson. After being asked to stay off the ball fields we had to get creative and utilize some completely new areas of the park. From the reactions of the 15+ in attendance, the new course may even be better than the old one.

I suck at off camber turns so I decided to put in as many of them as I could. I still suck, but I learned many others suck just as much as I do (not Dave Wilcox though, damn). I went down on one of them, tweaking my right thumb a bit, Matt Aumiller went down(hill) on one and banged his shoulder. I'm sure a few others slipped but didn't confess. Gorgeous Gary Bavolar made his first appearance and managed to screw up his left shifter. He also confirmed that v-brakes are mediocre without travel agents.

Cat 3 superstar in the making Greg Whitney showed up on his mountain bike and still held onto the front group though he couldn't quite match the pace of his teammate Mike Wissell. Thanks to the big crew of Threshold riders that made their presence known. I'm starting to wonder if they employ the buddy system at all times because I've never seen just one. It's kind of the same with the CB crew who were well represented this morning.

Lots of new faces but also plenty of repeat victims. Hopefully the weather will cooperate so that Thursday's final tune-up before the Verge season kicks off will bring out another batch of victims. I'll be tweaking the course a bit to add some length and utilize a bit more of the open field now that we have a plethora of cones to work with (thanks Matt A and Matt S). Tell your friends, show up at 6:30am, but STAY OFF THE BALL FIELDS (and don't show up if it rains)!


shane said...

Thanks again for setting up the course! I'm also trying to work on my off-camberness and this morning was just what the doctor ordered,

RMM said...

If I can get myself together, I will be there on Thursday.