Saturday, September 6, 2008

Comfy comfy

I thought the soft Fizik Gobi mtb saddle that I had chosen would be comfortable for my tour. Somewhere around mile 600 I stopped being comfortable and started moving around non stop. When I made it to my in-laws in Hamilton, MT I was fortunate enough to find a Brooks Professional at Red Barn Bicycles. I was apprehensive given the rumored break in period of hundreds of miles but I knew the Gobi wasn't going to work.

I managed to get in 100 miles while with the in-laws and I could already sense a marked improvement. With lots of proofide and love the saddle molded to my ass over the next 300 miles and I soon forgot about the hunk of leather I was sitting on. Like a good offensive lineman, your saddle should go unnoticed and the Brooks did that for me.

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CCC said...

Rosey - Good luck up there in VT this weekend. I have too much work going on, so sticking around and doing Bedford on Sunday.

I signed up for Troy earlier this week, so plan is to do the P/1/2/3 there on Sat. afternoon (says it pays 15 deep!!) and then Ommegang on Sunday. Will I see you at both? What about Yash?