Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This is how I ride...in FL

I've never seen anything like this place. The Villages, a "community" in Florida is overrun by golf carts. And we're not talking boring old white golf carts that do 10 mph. We're talking tricked out, $10,000 fashion statements with their own dedicated road network and bridges.

When I went for a run I could barely breath between all of the laughter. I saw people whipping through the area using arms extended out to indicate turns. I saw golf carts decorated with Florida Gators stickers and Auburn Tigers stickers. And for those who can't afford to pimp their rides, they take the vanity plate to a whole notha level with their auto vanity plates affixed to their un-pimped golf carts.

Other interesting facts about The Villages:
- must be 55 or older to be a resident
- no public schools or mayor
- highest concentration of STD's in Florida (I heard this one from my client who is a medical professional, but hopefully not part of the statistic...)

Now I wonder, does the guy with the most pimped out ride also carry the highest number of STD's??? Is there a linear relationship between the value of a man's golf cart and the number of STD's he is likely to carry?

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