Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ronde 3.0 sponsors piling up

First off, thanks to everyone who has committed to Ronde 3.0. The ride is full already, which is awesome. More riders than v1 and v2.

We organize the Ronde:
1. to have a fun excuse to ride cx bikes in April
2. to raise lots and lots of money for Bikes not Bombs

To help us achieve #2, the following sponsors have already committed support to the staging, on course assistance, and raffle prizes

Hammer Nutrition: These guys sent a ton of fuel for riders. There will be stuff at the start, there will be a mid ride fueling station, and there will probably be enough left over to go into the raffle and for anyone arriving in Zombie-like condition.

The Washington Square Tavern: Our staging spot, our host for the post ride raffle, and the spot for our post ride drinking/eating. Gerry has selflessly allowed us to take over his restaurant each year and poured lots of beer all to benefit Bikes not Bombs. He's doing the same in 2012, so be sure to thank him, be nice to the staff, and tip generously!

Ride Studio Cafe: A big list of goodies from the fine folks at the Ride Studio Cafe. Here is a list of what I know will be in the raffle:
2 - Coffee Tastings for 6 people - Each $250 value
2 - Get out of a Nap Free Card - 10 Free Drinks from the Cafe (each card) - Each $35 value
1 - Race-Ready Tune-up - $70 value
You'll be passing by RSC on the route so maybe you should stop in, slam an espresso and then be charged up for the last 50 minutes of trails and roads back to Brookline. But save at least a few bucks for the raffle.

Mad Alchemy: Pete has offered up a variety of embrocations and chamois cremes for the raffle. We all buy his stuff anyway, so enter the raffle and get a chance to win some instead.

: No, they're not donating a frame to the raffle, but Boston's hottest "new" framebuilders are putting some classy swag into the raffle. You can sport the Firefly t-shirt until your frame is built by Tyler, Jamie, and Kevin (all of whom are going to be out there riding with us too).

Newbury Comics: They'll be out there riding the course and suffering along side the rest of us. When it comes to raffle time, they've thrown in gift cards to enjoy.

Zanconato Cycles
: I may be a little partial to Mike Z, but once you meet him, you can't help it. There will be some sweet Zanconato gear in the raffle. No frames, but show your support and win a Zanconato logo'd hat.

Twins 47: They may not be a cycling specific company, but these guys are pumping out super slick designs and products. They created the Ronde logo and are putting it on cycling and baseball caps that will be part of the auction. Serious love for the sport, even if it's not what keeps the lights on at the office.

From up north, Adam St. Germain is coming to crush the Ronde 3.0 route. Afterwards he is going to make up for the pain he causes you through his donation of Camelbak and Clif products to the raffle. If you're bonking really hard, he might even share a Clif blok or two out on the road. Just don't expect him to slow down and wait for you.

This is what I have confirmed so far. I'm still accepting offers/donations, so keep an eye out here as the list will surely grow before 4/15. Remember to bring your cash in addition to your A game so we can raise lots of money for Bikes not Bombs.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Following the Ronde v3.0 route

The warriors will be out in the coming weeks preparing the battlefield for April 15th. In the meantime, if you want to get the route loaded on your Garmin, go here and enter this link: http://app.strava.com/activities/4074045

I may not have a written cue sheet this year, so you'll be well served to load the route to your GPS and pay extra close attention to the road and trail markings